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Mis-Sold Energy Claims was set up with the simple aim of helping as many businesses as possible recover the financial losses they’ve experienced due the business energy claims scandal. We’ve helped hundreds of clients claim back thousands from mis-sold energy contracts that resulted in them being overcharged through hidden broker fees or commissions.

Compensation claims made easy for you.

Making a compensation claim can be off putting for some business owners, after all where are you going to find the time to deal with it? The good news is we’ll handle it all for you.

Get in touch with us and we’ll put you in the very capable hands of one of our recommended business energy claim solicitors. You’ll be advised on exactly what documentation and evidence you need to get together in support of your claim, but once you’ve handed that over, you won’t need to do anything else.

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Why Choose Us?

Having been involved with hundreds of this type of claim previously, we are expertly placed to help UK businesses seek compensation and hold dishonest energy brokers to account.

Risk-free claims

Working on a no win no fee basis means there is no risk to you in making a claim. You won’t have to pay any upfront legal fees, and if you lose the case, you won’t owe a thing. Legal fees are only payable in the event of successful claim, with the amount payable a pre-agreed percentage of your compensation.

Expert legal representation

The claims solicitors we introduce you to will provide you with expert representation and handling of your claim to secure you the right outcome. By pursuing only those claims that have a high chance of success, you can be confident of getting a positive outcome from your claim.

Get maximum compensation

The goal is to get the full compensation that your business deserves and ensure those responsible are held accountable. This involves not only the amount that you were previously overcharged, but also any interest applicable to those overpayments.

Ready to get started with your claim?

If you are ready to make that first step and see if you have a business energy claim worth pursuing, get started with a claim. Let us know a few details about your business and business energy supplier, and whether you used an energy broker, and we’ll do the rest.

With more than 5 million UK companies thought to have been adversely affected by sharp broker practices, you could be one of those in line to benefit from an average business claim payout of £25,000 or more.